lemon syrup recipe
Recipe type: drink
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
  • 6 large organic lemons, or so
  • water
  • about 3 cups of sugar
  • 16 quart pot
  1. Cut up all lemons and juice them into the pot, throwing the rinds in the pot after juicing. Don't worry about the seeds; you'll strain the mixture later. NOTE: Using the whole rind makes the final syrup a bit bitter. This doesn't bother me. However, if you want a really clean lemony syrup, then I would use a vegetable peeler to remove the rind from the bitter pith. Use the peeled rind and juice the lemons, discarding the white pith.
  2. Cover the lemons with water, but not quite. I didn't fully immerse my lemons, and a few rinds were peeping over the top.
  3. Add the sugar and bring the mixture to a simmer for 1 hour. Or so. You can cook longer if you want. The cook time is pretty loose. The rinds will soften. Mush them a bit with a wooden spoon to release lemon oil.
  4. Over a mesh sieve and large bowl, strain the mixture, pushing down on the solids. Allow the strained syrup to cool to room temp. Use the mushed up lemons to perfume your kitchen for a bit, then refrigerate for another use or discard. When strained syrup is cool, place into covered jar and refrigerate.
  5. Mix syrup into seltzer water, still water, tea, pour it over a dry cake to moisten, whatever you desire needing a lemony kick and sweetness. Add a lemon rind or two to the glass to garnish.
Recipe by story of a kitchen at https://www.storyofakitchen.com/dessert-recipes/lemon-syrup-recipe/