*~Recipe Index~* (Old)


aunt mary’s salsa

bulgarian eggplant dip

cannellini bean dip

chawanmushi (Japanese savory steamed egg custard)

dilled shrimp dip

feta-walnut dip

fried pasta chips — and my thoughts on the 2016 election

gouda cheese dip with fennel seed

green tomato salsa

grilled halloumi cheese with apricots and mint

handkase mit musik

homemade tofu  and  black soybean tofu

homemade ricotta

marinated manchego

membrillo (quince paste)

mushroom turkey dressing

pepper-glazed goat cheese gratin

pimento cheese

polenta chips with rosemary and parmesan – and three years on the blog!

popcorn with browned butter, rosemary, and lemon

romesco-ish dip

smoky popcorn (You haven’t tried this yet? Seriously? Go make it! It is the most requested snack in our home. Smoked Paprika, furikake, butter…)

spinach dip (in the slow cooker)

tomato-sunflower seed pâté

za’atar spiced beet dip with goat cheese

zucchini omelet tart with dill polenta crust



bacon beer bread

beer bread (no yeast)

big sur bakery hide bread

braided peach curd bread

chapati (roti)

crisp flatbread with za’atar

hembesha (eritrean bread)

khachapuri (georgian cheese bread)

no-knead bread with pepitas, etc and the best croutons ever

no-knead pizza dough

oat and apple cider yeast bread

pão de queijo (gluten-free brazilian cheese bread)

potica (slovenian sweet bread)

pregnant pig bread (seriously, so cute — for my sister’s birthday)

rosemary focaccia

roti (chapati)

savory sesame seed monkey bread

sun bread

sun-dried tomato savory biscuits

tawa naan

whole-wheat sandwich bread



breakfast casserole

browned butter dutch baby

buttermilk biscuits — the best from the kitchenista’s blog

eggs flamenco

fresh fig yogurt tart with a sesame crust

golden beet latkes with smoked paprika sour cream

kaiserschmarrn with peaches and blackberries

overnight oatmeal

panattone french toast

plum kuchen

perfect popovers

scrambled eggs with croutons (comfort food!)

steel cut oatmeal (cook in one minute and let it sit, a savory recipe)

strata story




angel food cupcakes with mascarpone frosting

banana bread pudding + cream cheese frosting (vegan option and whole wheat)

bloody broken glass cupcakes

butterfly ombre cake

carrot-pineapple cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (and a cake)

chocolate cheesecake brownies

chocolate zucchini cake

citrus yogurt cupcakes with sour cream puddles

coconut cake with mango curd

debutante cake (the first post!)

daisy cake

fresh peach cake (and a book review!)

flourless chocolate torte with walnuts (and raspberry coulis)

hello kitty cake roll (for Sky-Girl’s 2nd birthday)

hydrangea cupcakes

lemon cupcakes with lemon cream cheese frosting (for Peach’s 4th birthday)

margaret fox’s vegan chocolate cake (and ode to my twin brother)

marshmallow fondant

minnie mouse cake roll (for Sky-Girl’s 3rd birthday)

ninjago birthday: frosting redux (for Grub’s 4th birthday)

pandan chiffon cake (for the blog’s 4th anniversary and Sky-Girl’s 1 1/2 year birthday)  <– The most perfect cake for non-cake people. Really.

rainbow brown sugar cupcakes (for Peach’s 5th birthday)

revelatory caramel cake (also kind of for Peach’s 4th birthday)

schrödinger’s brownie (raw brownie — you just need to read the post to understand)

sour cream hazelnut brownies

spice cake with orange cream cheese filling and orange swiss buttercream frosting (sooooo pretty!)

strawberry cream cheese frosting (and Peach’s 6th birthday)

swiss buttercreams: mango or chocolate [for a friend’s construction-themed birthday] (for my “lesson on buttercreams” post, see my “Random recipe…” header below)

turtle cupcakes (for Grub’s 3rd birthday)

vanilla cake with pandan frosting (for Grub’s 6th birthday)

whole orange cake

whole-wheat chocolate “PB&J” brownies (or two layer cake)



6:46 minute caramels (these are beyond awesome!)

apricot-earl grey tea pâte de fruit

candied grapefruit peel

ceciarchiata taiglach

campari pâté de fruit (with grapefruit flavor)

coffee marshmallows

grapefruit pâté de fruit (with campari flavor)

lemon-lime gummy candy

mattonella con biscotti sablee (chocolate, nut,  and butter cookie loaf)

passion fruit pâte de fruit

rocky road with coffee marshmallows

salted pumpkin and pepita caramels

sorghum benne caramels

sunflower seed butter + chocolate cups (like Reese’s without the nuts)

violet jelly candy

wedding mints

white chocolate truffles


Cold Things

berry yogurt popsicles

black cocoa cookie coffee-almond ice cream sandwiches

coconut peanut-sunflower seed-chocolate ice cream

toasted coconut dulce de leche ice cream

cranberry granita

fresh mint ice cream

ginger frozen custard

lemon buttermilk parsley popsicles

lemongrass-basil sherbet

maple walnut ice cream

oatmeal raisin ice cream

peanut butter-banana frozen yogurt (sugar free or not)

raspberry sorbet

raspberries and cream ice cream

riesling-pear popsicles

strawberry-balsamic basil popsicles

watermelon granita



baby bûche de noël cookies

beach sugar cookies (and seastars)

black bee sugar cookies

black sesame macarons with nut butter filling

british flapjacks

butterscotch cashew bars

chima (laval) cookies (for Grub’s 5th birthday)

confetti cookies (using millefiori technique)

creamy lime oatmeal bars

date bars

dress and shoe sugar cookies

flourless caramel oat cookies

giant ginger cookies

hazelnut coffee macarons

joe froggers

kitty sugar cookies (for Peach’s 9th birthday)

lavender sugar cookies

lemon crinkle cookies

linzer cookies

madeleine cookies

mondrian-inspired sugar cookies (another millefiori technique)

mummy’s fudgy chocolate oatmeal bars (and announcing the birth of Sky-Girl)

nautilus cookies (a work of art — also millefiori technique, gathered from polymer clay caning tutorials)

nut-hugging cinnamon bear cookies

oatmeal-brown sugar cookies

painter’s palette cookies (for Peach’s 8th birthday)

pandan macarons with coconut cream filling

peanut butter granola bars with cacao nibs

peppermint macarons

persimmon biscotti

pumpkin-cranberry-almond cookies

rainbow cookies

ricciarelli (sienese almond cookies)

saffron sables


sugar cookie dreg cookies (to use up leftover sugar cookie dough)

swirl cookies (so pretty)

tricolor macarons with blueberry ganache

turbinado sugar cookies (for Grub’s 2nd birthday – airplanes and cars!)

vanilla macarons with violet swiss buttercream and blueberry dust

zucchini whoopie pies


Crumbles / Crisps / Fruity Things

apple and plum crumble

apricot-earl gray jam

cranberry crisp

lemon syrup

nectarine murabba with cardamom, rosewater, and lemon

pluots with mascarpone and thyme

plum pie

plum-cardamom jam (so, so good!)

raspberry lemonade bars

strawberry-rhubarb crisp


Things That Many Unworldly American People Probably Think Are Weird

chinese red bean soup

mung bean porridge with coconut milk

orange omelette for harlots and ruffians (actually, this is more of a book review but recipe is included)

pandan spiral mooncakes

sparkling cranberries with lemon pudding


Pies / Tarts / Pastries / Sweet Things in Pans

apple and red currant pie with a flower cut-out crust

apricot-earl grey tea jam

baklava (syrian)

blood orange tart

blue-barb (blueberry-rhubarb) pie

candied walnut wedge

cherry clafoutis

cherry pie, single-crust

crack pie

cranberry galette (and honey-sweetened compote and jam)

honeyed goat cheese tart with a pistachio crust

impossible pie

peach puzzle

peach-blueberry pie

pear galette (for Grub’s first birthday)

plum pie

sour cream cinnamon pie

strawberry pie

sweet torte of cannellini beans, ricotta, and cocoa powder

whole-wheat pie crust


Wiggly Things and Creamy Things

black sesame pudding

chocolate pots de crème

coconut cream puffs (for Peach’s 7th birthday)

coconut panna cotta (naked)

coffee gelée (with candied pistachios)

coffee tapioca

dulce de leche (slow cooker style)

matcha russian cream

mini pomegranate pavlovas

peach leaf crème brûlée

pumpkin panna cotta with caramelized apples




amaretto apple sour

liquore di albicocche (apricot liqueur)

apricot-mint fizz

basil lemonade with meyer lemons

black rice horchata

caramelized lime mojitos

chia honey limeade

cranberry-infused vodka

cucumber agua frescas

elderflower mojito

fermented grape soda (Homemade soda! Move on to the ginger beer next….)

ginger brown sugar soda (and sundaes)

green apple basil fizz

green tea (matcha) ginger beer (Make this. DO it. It is a fun and tasty way to learn about homemade soda making.)

honey-lemon cough suppressant

honey-sweetened lime water with ginger

iced tea with plums and thyme

kombucha! (the “!” is important)

lemon beebrush (verbena) simple syrup

mulled cider with homemade spice sachet

oh my darlin’ clementine cocktail

one-eyed chihuahua cocktail

persian-style iced tea with rosewater

peach whiskey sours (these are so, so fabulous)

pumpkin spice liqueur

rhubarb simple syrup (and compote)

rooibos chai

root beer syrup

rose tea

sage-mint tea

sgroppino al limone

sharbat-e sekanjabin (persian sweet and sour mint and cucumber drink)

strawberry balsamic smash

strawberry-lychee *ocktail

story’s cosmo

sweet and sour cocktail mix, homemade

tamarind cooler

thai iced tea

violet lemonade

watermelon soda floats

watermelon-coconut breeze



japanese ploughman’s lunch (one of my favorite meals — so many flavors!)

korean dried squid (ojingo chae bokkeum)

korean-style dried anchovies

salmon salad with roasted beets

scallops with mexican corn salad


Healthy Snacks

apricot compote

apricot oatcakes

cashew cream

chocolate-cherry buckwheat granola (try this — so good!)

coconut black rice pudding

date-apricot balls with coconut and cacao nibs

dried, chewy bananas


hard boiled eggs

stone fruit leather

homemade cherry pie lärabars

homemade chewy fruit snacks

crispy baked kale chips

kohlrabi chips

mango strawberry coconut balls

oatmeal crackers

pandan-coconut-blueberry popsicles

pb&j no-bake oatmeal bars

peach sauce (or baby food)

roasted pumpkin seeds

saffron and fennel seed crackers

seed crackers


tart green (smoothie)



bacon butty

balsamic chicken with pomegranate molasses glaze

cornish pasties

hollapse (mennonite cabbage rolls)

honey-tamarind pork ribs

panko-crusted baked chicken

poached chicken with miso

pork rillettes with capers

red wine braised short ribs

taiwanese stewed sesame ginger chicken (also under soup category)

tsebhi sega [spicy eritrean meat; pair this with hembesha (see breads)]

turkey burgers (anne burrell’s recipe)

turkey empanadas

vodka-marinated beef

zimmern’s one-pot sticky chicken wings (andrew zimmern’s recipe)


Miscellaneous things

Blog anniversaries!

the debut – debutante cake

the first year: cannellini bean, ricotta, chocolate torte

the second year: mulled cider with homemade spice sachet

the third year: polenta chips with rosemary and parmesan

the fourth year: pandan chiffon cake

the fifth year: I made a dress from vegetables and wore it

the sixth year: my six year itch — and a break



beautiful food: a pictorial (This post highlights some of my favorite photos, as of February 2015.)’

bottle cutting: an art project (Learn to upcycle used beer bottles to glass-etched drinkware.)

consolation prize

cross-country road trip revisited (when we drove from CA to GA in 2014)

gestational diabetes: how a food blogger is managing

gestational diabetes: epilogue

goodbye, california! (My move from Mountain View, CA to Atlanta, GA in June 2014)

hackers, get a life

status interruptus

tea and snow in the spring


Holidays and Birthdays without a recipe

life is just a bowl of cherries (happy birthday to me, 2013)

happy valentine’s day (2013)

ninjago birthday: frosting redux (for Grub’s fourth birthday)

silk-dyed easter eggs (easter 2016)


Menu plans and restaurant reviews, kind of

mash up monday — recipe highlights (pairings and aggregations of same)

menu planning – just some ideas

monterey and napa delights (restaurant review)

napa review 2012 (“stars, grills, and meadows”)

portland, oregon – my new favorite place

a rainbow of flavors

what to do with a monster zucchini?



feline in memorium

red-haired girl

our neighbors’ dog, Mary (and a recipe for corn salad and scallops)


Random recipes that I can’t figure out another category for

basil oil

homemade sugar cubes

homemade vanilla extract

a lesson on buttercreams (pair this with cake recipes or the macaron recipes)

medieval shallot-ricotta tart

parmesan pudding




cacio e pepe

campanelle with pork, pine nuts, and olives

cong you man mian (noodles with fried scallions)


ligurian pesto with spaghetti

mushroom lasagna

pasta + zucchini + feta + sun-dried tomatoes

pasta with fresh tomatoes, dill, and feta

peanut noodles

taiwanese peanut noodles (different than the other peanut noodle recipe above)

tagliatelle with poppy seeds and prosciutto



almond celery salad

asian cabbage-ramen slaw

broccoli-bacon-salad with creamy dressing

buckwheat salad with mushrooms, fennel, and parsley oil

carrot-ginger dressing with napa cabbage (so, so good & vegan)

chickpea salad with bacon, chiles, and cotija

cucumber salad with sesame-miso dressing

corn-avocado salad

danube salad

hijiki salad

fennel and citrus salad with mint (almost vegan – there is honey in this)

fennel + apple + gouda

kale salad — my favorite version with balsamic-sesame dressing, roasted almonds, dried cherries, and avocado

lotus root salad

pink lady apple and kale salad

persimmon (fuyu), pomegranate, and apple fruit salad

poached egg with balsamic dressed greens

purple potato salad with gorgonzola and bacon

tangled thai salad

tomato and halloumi salad with pomegranate drizzle

vegetable slaw with gorgonzola

watermelon-feta salad

zucchini, mint, and pomegranate salad



broccoli-cheese soup

chicken corn rivel soup with browned butter

clam chowder with old bay seasoned popcorn (and/or crispy potato topper)


leek and zucchini soup

mixed bean soup

mulligatawny soup

orange cauliflower soup


pea porridge with fresh ricotta and speck

phở (vietnamese beef broth with rice noodles — mine also has tendon and tripe)

polenta cubes in broth

ramen with tonkotsu broth

red pepper soup

taiwanese stewed sesame ginger chicken

vegan curried pumpkin soup

white bean chicken chili



accordion potatoes

asparagus nori wraps

baked polenta

banchan-style sesame cucumbers

black beans with goat cheese and cilantro oil

black bean burgers with quick-pickled red onions (seriously, the BEST)

bulbogi-style tofu (with sesame cucumbers)

calabrese sausage stuffed bell peppers

curried cauliflower and green beans

gamja jorim with eggs (korean potatoes with scrambled eggs)

goat cheese-stuffed red peppers

grilled corn with basil-garlic butter-oil

grilled fava beans

hungarian mushroom goulash

indian eggs and potatoes (unday aur aloo)

korean potatoes (gamja jorim) and eggs

mini pommes anna

miso-glazed eggplant

mustard-mayo glazed asparagus

oven-roasted tomato tart

pickled okra

potato latkes (and my birthday!)

purple sweet potato mini roasts

quick pickled cucumbers

red pepper quiche

roasted peppers with herbed breadcrumbs

roasted purple cippollini onions and purple cauliflower


smashed potatoes

sweet potato black bean burritos with cotija cheese (and happy mother’s day 2014)

crispy potato roast

vietnamese pickled daikon and carrots (do chua)

spaghetti squash browns

tomato tatin

white beans with onion confit

zucchini latkes