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goodbye, california!

off to a new adventure! ::::


In the midst of packing for our move across the country, waiting for packers and movers to wrap pieces of our lives into cardboard boxes, I still wind down with a post. The kids are asleep, an occasional twitter, and I sit among disheveled boxes and sigh in the disorganization. And my mind is still racing. I’m practically incoherent. Here are some snapshots of our memories, to tide me over on the trip. These are a few, a paltry representation of the whole. And the best I can do as Sky-Girl seem to wake up every 30 minutes, wondering where I am.


Google campus with a little Grub, September 2012 (and the honor-system shared Google bikes above in the header photo)

The always abundant produce from the markets…


Perfect avocados, always.

And the homegrown citrus.


Homegrown lemons from my brother’s friends — destined for lemonade

Those despicable molluscs:


Land snails, the bane of my garden

And some broken bones…


Grub’s hairline tibial fracture, January 2012. The physician told us that he would take a couple weeks to start walking again after the cast was off. It took him a few HOURS.

Even more overflowing bounty from friends’ gardens:


Neighbor’s bounty, many times over

And sampling much of it around the area:


Corn at the Gilroy Garlic Fest with little Peach, July 2011

There is some confusion in advertising at times:


Hmmm…I think there’s a wrinkle in your advertising

My favorite farmers’ market ever:


The Mountain View Farmers’ Market — never disappointing

And the start of my food blog, with one of my favorite photos:

citrus salad

Still one of my favorite salads — fennel, citrus, and mint

And the best part(s):


August 2013: California kids

See you in Georgia. Off to drive across America….

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