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happy valentine’s day

snuggle with your fruit ::::

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. My backyard strawberries celebrated this summer with a little snuggling.

third wheel

They may have been anticipating the February holiday, and I thought I was prepared to create some Linzer cookies to share or maybe mix up some pomegranate syrup for my recent cravings for mocktails. Sorry, this post has nothing to do with fresh strawberries, especially not this time of year. Despite my attempt at recipe and blog post planning and usual fair execution of such, I just had too many other commitments during the past weekend and on my day off this week.

Not that it was wasted time. Eat worked all weekend so the kids and I played outside, went to the park, visited friends. I visited a friend with a chubby infant, and my friend and I talked over cannellini bean dip, fresh sweet peppers, and a spin on my no-knead bread as said chubby infant quietly listened. I ran errands to prepare for the constant cycle of birthday parties that we attend for the kids’ friends (how many Ariel dolls can I buy in a 6 month period?) and some groceries. I made dilled shrimp dip. I went for a glorious, albeit too short, jog. And the mundane overwhelmed much of my day off: I ran the dutiful errands to manage the household, I attacked the mounting pile of laundry, refilled the liquid soap dispensers, and did some dishes.

More “red” recipes to come, once I get a little more organized in the kitchen department. While my strawberries were well prepared ahead of time, nuzzling each other in the garden this summer, I will be sure to celebrate a belated Valentine’s Day the rest of the year.

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