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What seemed like a few weeks, grew into months, then into me just not worrying about posting at all. It’s not that I haven’t thought about it, a bit guiltily. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to, kind of. I just can’t seem to get the fire I once had to get motivated to do so.

The last I heard about someone stealing my work here was in 2019. It was another commenter who alerted me, for which I am still very thankful. The thief had plagiarized some of my writing from the blog. A copyright and honor system isn’t enough these days, with the internet the way it is and people being disrespectful of the work that others put into craft and what they enjoy. I assume that photos could also be stolen easily, and probably already had been, too. I started watermarking my photos then, a long, and sometimes arduous process that made assembling any blog post less fun.

It wasn’t just the posting itself, but the cooking that became a chore. The fun of cooking has left me. It’s been gone for a while. The kids are older and blogs are basically uncool and boring. My cooking has been touted as a thing that most people in the household really aren’t interested in eating. “Stop making things people don’t want to eat.” Well, ok. I first developed this space as epistles for my kids and for nourishment, to be a place for history-keeping and a localized historiography of our family. Now it’s become a place for me to become wistful for those days when I re-read old posts. Maybe the kids will look back and read these musings. Maybe they’ll want the recipes, or not.

People always make jokes about food blogs being blah blah blah long-winded before the recipe is posted. If I’m the only one reading this stuff for the content *and* recipe, I might as well record verbal history in other places and just post recipes here. This blog will serve an abbreviated purpose: texting a recipe link to a friend is easier than emailing, attaching a document to an email, a Google doc, screenshot, whatever. I can do links and just about everyone else can, too.

I’ll be posting recipes from now on without a lengthy backstory. Maybe there’ll be short quip if I feel moved to explain something. There won’t be a schedule. If I travel, there might be a post about pretty things I saw and delicious things I ate. Mostly, this is now a recipe box, a repository. It is an end of sorts.

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