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a rainbow of flavors

 a colorful sampling ::::

 Just a change in my typical recipe post: today, I give you many recipes. Eat in the colors of the rainbow, especially fruits and vegetables. Some of my colors are not fruits and vegetables here, and not under the guise of “healthy” (lemon-lime gummy candy – not exactly dinner).


Red  (Red vegetables are rich in lycopene, which can scavenge free radicals.)

calabrese sausage stuffed bell peppers

cranberry galette (and honey-sweetened compote and jam)

eggs flamenco

goat cheese-stuffed red peppers

korean dried squid (ojingo chae bokkeum)

oven-roasted tomato tart

pasta with fresh tomatoes, dill, and feta

red pepper quiche

red pepper soup

roasted peppers with herbed breadcrumbs (vegan)

romesco-ish dip

raspberry sorbet

single-crust cherry pie

watermelon granita

watermelon soda floats

strawberry-rhubarb crisp


Orange  [Oranges and peaches are high in beta-cryptoxanthin — good for the heart! Carrots and pumpkin contain alpha carotene (protects against cancer) and beta carotene (converted to vitamin A).]

liquore di albicocche (apricot liqueur)

blood orange tart

fennel and citrus salad with mint

honey-tamarind pork ribs

peach puzzle

peach sauce (or baby food)

persimmon (fuyu), pomegranate, and apple fruit salad

pimento cheese

pumpkin panna cotta with caramelized apples

smoky popcorn

stone fruit leather

vegan curried pumpkin soup


Yellow  (Corn and peas contain lutein and zeaxanthin, which protect the eyes.)

basil lemonade with meyer lemons

chia honey limeade

chawanmushi (Japanese savory steamed egg custard)

curried cauliflower and green beans

golden beet latkes with smoked paprika sour cream

indian eggs and potatoes (unday aur aloo)

grilled corn with basil-garlic butter-oil

lemon cupcakes (with lemon cream cheese frosting)

lemon-lime gummy candy

parmesan pudding

polenta cubes in broth

perfect popovers

sgroppino al limone

spaghetti squash browns


Green  (Green vegetables like kale and broccoli are rich in compounds that help prevent cancer, such as sulforaphane, isothiocyanate and indole.)

green tomato salsa

grilled fava beans

leek and zucchini soup

pea porridge with fresh ricotta and speck

quick pickled cucumbers

zucchini, mint, and pomegranate salad


Blue / Indigo / Violet   (Beets, berries, plums contain flavenoids which help delay aging.)

apple and plum crumble

miso-glazed eggplant

pan-roasted pluots with mascarpone, honey, and thyme

purple potato salad with gorgonzola and bacon

roasted cippollini onions + purple cauliflower

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