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peach’s 13th birthday — cake-free

and so it begins ::::

Hi, Peach. Every year, I write a letter and do a special birthday post on the blog for each of my children. Today, it’s your turn. We broke from tradition this year and did not make a cake or cookies, per your request. This was a hard birthday, I know. You wanted to stay with your friends all day (and all night, if it wasn’t a school night). We already had dinner planned for you, even though we were planning the fancier dinner the next day. Sorry it didn’t work out the way you wanted it to. Sorry that it was “the worst birthday ever.” We’re trying our best, even if it doesn’t seem like it. The crab legs were great, the boba instead of cake was too. I wish I could have planned something more homemade.

It was hard for me too, not only because it was hard for you, but because I’m your mom. And I know parents and brothers and sisters are just so…unimportant in many ways for a newly-minted teenager. We are embarrassing. We are so annoying. We are just…here.

I love you, Peach. Be a wild teenager but not too wild. Your peers will come and go. Family is always here. We’ll all hang out together eventually.


One year ago: pandan chiffon cake (again) – (for Peach’s twelfth birthday)

Two years ago: oreo ice cream cake for Peach eleventh birthday (that I did not make — no recipe)

Three years ago: pandan chiffon cake (for Peach’s tenth birthday)

Four years ago: kitty sugar cookies (for Peach’s ninth birthday — I need to make these again)

Five years ago: painter’s palette cookies (for Peach’s eighth birthday — fun to make)

Six years ago: coconut cream puff birthday (for Peach’s seventh birthday — delicious!)

Seven years ago: black cocoa cookie-coffee-almond ice cream sandwiches,  salted pumpkin and pepita caramels,  strawberry cream cheese frosting (for Peach’s sixth birthday)

Eight years ago: rainbow brown sugar cupcakes (for Peach’s fifth birthday),  apricot oatcakes

Nine years ago: revelatory caramel cake (for Peach’s fourth birthday), lemon cupcakes with lemon cream cheese frosting (also for Peach’s fourth birthday),  sgroppino al limone.

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