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life is just a bowl of cherries

a tiny square of birthday cake? i’ll make do. ::::


Cake in all permutations is more prevalent in my peripheral vision these days. I suppose it’s about the chase without the catch. I’m a very picky cake eater, but I with the restriction on carby-sugary desserts to naught right now, even a boxed cake mix looks tasty.

So what does one do without a birthday cake on a birthday? Fruit, lots of fruit, that’s what. I remember as a child when celebrating my aunt’s birthday after she was diagnosed with diabetes, we always presented her with a large watermelon rind basket of pure fruit salad. And so, that’s I did for myself. Being that it is almost summer, the craving for fresh fruit is ingrained in me. It’s not too disappointing to delve into the fresh cherries, apricots, and peaches showing up in our CSA box this week, with less restraint than eating cake.

Eat and the kids went all out on the cake idea, a rich carrot-pineapple cake with cream cheese frosting, a recipe similar to my carrot-pineapple cupcakes. This is one situation where my tasting vicariously through others has come into play. I did have a small piece, and took a vigorous walk afterwards. A memorable cake, enjoyed by the neighbors also, and a memorable walk, as I purposely walked past two skunks a little too closely. We managed to avoid each other. I wasn’t about to get sprayed with skunk funk on my birthday.

I considered a reprise of last year’s photo shoot, flour thrown in my face, cake sprinkles on my face, perhaps with a slightly different food theme (A macrame necklace of carrot strips? Maybe a dress made of salami? Paint a watermelon shape over my pregnant belly?). Eh, maybe next year.

My posts next week will feature some more gestational diabetes friendly recipes, hopefully. And I might just cave to using some Splenda sometime this summer for an ice cream recipe. I don’t think I can get through an entire summer without homemade ice cream….

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