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tea and snow in the spring

spring break with a spot of tea ::::


There is a lull in my posts for good reason this week. I’m on Spring Break in central Illinois, Peach and Grub enjoying an unexpected early spring snow, now almost melted in a matter of days.

We’ve caught up with friends and family, despite an abbreviated visit with my sister’s family because of a rude hit of the flu and Strep throat in their household.

Rather than the party-time Spring Break most people associate with a college town, we are happy with our snow play and drinking tea. And no doubt I was in the kitchen baking. Those posts to come up later when I have my own computer to monopolize for an extended writing time or two. I pulled out my mother’s beautiful tea service collections to photograph, some family heirlooms, some from faraway places, all with interesting stories.

All so different, so colorful, and so beautifully kept.

Some from an ancient farmhouse, wedding presents to great-relatives, gifts from friends.

If we didn’t have so many young rambunctious fingers and clumsiness around, I might have actually been brave enough to do more than just photograph them. I couldn’t bring myself to even drink the tea from the blue flo teacup you see in the photos. These cups and saucers are almost ethereal, the blue blur of the design like a cloud. I felt they would crumble in my fingers.

Enjoy your Spring Break, late snows, and family time. I’ll be back next week.

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