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strawberry-balsamic basil popsicles recipe

back to the grind ::::

There are out-of-body views of myself, walking in a red coat in winter, skipping into the new house with green berber carpeting. Are these my memories directly? Or something blurred from a 1970s home movie, celluloid and silent? I cannot say, but they are there.

I also see more recent memories, clearly, sharp-edged. It is white. Pressed. Clean. Starched, sometimes. The pockets empty. After almost four months of maternity leave, I don my white coat again — tomorrow. Hello, old friend.

I have mixed feelings about this re-introduction back to work, as evidenced from my post last week when Sky-Girl started daycare and I made some shakshouka. I can’t say I am in much better shape than I was last week. And Sky-Girl clings to me every minute she is with me now, a little less smiley and more needy. We are two peas in a pod. I love what I do and the people I work with and for, but the pull of a chubby, buttery-skinned baby is enough to stop the world on its axis. It’s finding a new balance of childcare and work, of sleep (when will I do this ?)

So I take myself back to that red coat in winter, the color and the chill, and create something edible from those prompts. This is a kid-friendly popsicle, though the vinegar tang may be offputting to some. (“Mommy, this tastes salty,” was what I heard, accompanied by wrinkled noses.) Now I have to make sure to not dribble melting strawberry juice on my white coat. I think Sky-Girl has the spit-up area covered (and hey! it matches my coat color!).

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strawberry-balsamic basil popsicles recipe
Recipe type: healthy snack
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 4
  • 3 cups strawberries, hulled
  • 2 tablespoons chopped basil, divided
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
  1. Put 2 cups of the whole strawberries in a glass bowl with 1 tablespoon of basil. Top with sugar and balsamic vinegar. Toss and allow to marinate for 1 hour.
  2. Slice remaining strawberries and set aside.
  3. In blender or food processor, puree strawberry-vinegar mixture until smooth.
  4. Add strawberry slices and remaining basil.
  5. Mix well and pour into four 3.5-ounce popsicle molds.
  6. Insert popsicle sticks and freeze for about 8 hours.
  7. Per serving: 70 cal, 0g fat, 16g carbs, 0mg sodium, 2g fiber, 1g protein


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