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lemon cupcakes recipe (again) — for Sky-Girl’s eighth birthday

another birthday! 8 is great! ::::


I admit, it seems I’m taking shortcuts on new food content, but really it’s a commentary on my tried-and-true recipes that become favorites. Yay for me, maybe boo for the repetition on the blog. But who cares. If one of the kids requests a certain lemon cupcake recipe for a birthday, I’m surely going to use the recipe that works. Oh, and there must be sprinkles, LOTS of sprinkles. And funny eyes.


So, dear Sky-Girl, child of all-hugs and always-helper, pink-haired and now long-legged, my sweet youngest, happy birthday, girlie. I love you. I love to see how you are growing but it makes me a little sad that I can’t pinch your baby chub anymore. Keep being you.

See my previously-posted lemon cupcake recipe for Sky’s fabulous cupcakes. The only differences are that we added sugar eyes (bought years ago from a bargain bin at Target, I think) for the googly-eyed look and topped with sprinkles. Sky says they look like funny clouds.



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