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peach’s 14th birthday — a replay of pandan chiffon cake recipe

another year, happy birthday, peach ::::


Fourteen. We thought last year was hard. This one was harder, in many different ways. Independence. Growing up. Going back to in-person school after a long pandemic stint. Losing friends, in different ways. That was the hardest. For you. For me. For so many people in our community.

I love you, Peach, no matter what. Here is your favorite cake again. Happy fourteen. I know this is an old photo from another birthday. Getting a photo of you now is like trying to still a quanta of light (with a scowl). (And we cut the cake too fast for me to get a decent photo this year.)

For recipe, see the first pandan chiffon cake post. We’ll never get tired of this one. I’m thinking of changing it up to an ube flavoring in the near future….


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Ten years ago: revelatory caramel cake (for Peach’s fourth birthday), lemon cupcakes with lemon cream cheese frosting (also for Peach’s fourth birthday),  sgroppino al limone.

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