true north in reconfiguration

back into the blogosphere, after my reflection and the blog’s physical changes ::::

Back to true north…but different. It’s been a refreshing time away from the blog, despite the surfacing I’ve had to do for my day-to-day. You know, work. A new clinic upcoming. Paying the IRS a %&^$*@#$ of money for annual taxes. Kids. Whiny kids. Kids who don’t sleep. Moms who don’t sleep because of the non-sleeping kids and taxes.

My mini refreshment started with a small tweak that most of you didn’t notice: the home page title font finally matched the title header, I figured out some photo orientation issues, and some other behind-the-scenes things to make the blog run more smoothly. The recipe index page suddenly had photos to tempt you. So much better, Eat commented. So pretty and inviting, I thought. But not quite enough.

juicy pears after a shower

It was the beautiful theme revamp — what you see! — that finally helped me get through the recent mire of blogging. All of these tasks and crafts were accomplished by the talented Mui Tsun at Tech Potions. If you need a wordpress guru, she’s the one to navigate you! I completely intended to have Mui do the few tweaks to help the blog look a little more tailored. In my hopes to draw more viewers into sampling different recipes by tempting you with photos in the recipe index, so was I lured to do even more to freshen up the entire look, guided by her expertise. And so we are, happily muddling through the new.

beet heart, “beeting” in my hand

However this blog looks, I still stand by similar tenets as before:

  1. This is still and forever will be a love letter to my family, mostly to my children. Every post I do will be couched in this context. I’m looking into legacy server hosting so that these words can forever be available for many generations (though I can’t expect to know what iteration of the “Internet” we may have in 100 or more years).
  2. I continue with joyful, depressing, and thought-provoking conversations that may expand your thinking. You may hate more and you may love more.
  3. I want to ensure that you are still listening when I am done speaking. That is the challenge and the ultimate connection in a conversation. (And, currently, I feel this is the overarching challenge of being a parent.) As such, I will probably post less often so I have more time to prepare each post. (And life just isn’t making the time it used to for writing with so many other activities….I can’t write when kids are screaming at each other and I’m too tired at night most of the time.)
  4. Some of you are rolling your eyes. Am I so self-important that I have the right to pounce on you with these innermost thoughts and deem them interesting enough to foist them on you publicly? If you don’t like it, no matter. Move along. This is the Internet. There are plenty of kitten videos or narrow-minded Breitbart “news” posts you can read. Oopsies, sorry, did that offend you? MOVE ALONG.

the cat inspects fresh farm eggs from the local Postage Stamp farm

Meg Hutchinson’s lyrics from her song True North:

Everything had changed, but nothing seemed different….

Can’t you see we’re moving in new directions

Can’t you feel the pull?

But you’re still the one by which I chart my course

Still my, still my True North.


Next post: a recipe — finally! In the meantime, explore the new look.


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